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It has been brought to my attention that I need this listed... LOL.. so here ya go. :)

The Like Series....
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Lucky Girls index  http://akasarahsmom.livejournal.com/37619.html


Okay, so I've been "encouraged" *mutterPegmutter* to post this shortie somewhere besides the Facebook group. So here ya go.. :)

Thanks to Jazwriter for the quick beta work on this.  I always appreciate it when you take time from your busy schedule to look at this stuff for me. :)

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Not a Fanfic

This is a short story I wrote to express my gratitude for an extraordinary act of kindness.  I cannot post it on fanfic.net because it is not fanfiction, or based on any show.  I was going through my old files and found it... so I figured, maybe I should post it.  It's an example of my original writing, even though I wrote it a few years ago.

This is not femslash, the main character is married to a man but there isn't any sex at all in the story.  It may be a little too much of a realistic situation, I dunno.  But as much as it seems depressing, it is actually a story of hope renewed.

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Part 3 of my July Fic-A-Day entry

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TBC in Part 4

Fic-A-Day July 11th Entry - Serendipity

This is part 1 of my July Fic-A-Day entry.

I dunno how fast I'll put it up here, because of LJ's frustrating formatting situation, at times.  But it's already on my fanfic.net page in its entirety.

A/N – Many thanks to the lovely Jazwriter for the awesome beta job she did, even while busy with her own life, job, and writing! She's the best. Also, thanks to the others who read and commented on this story. I would start naming names, but if I do that I'll forget someone so I'll just say, you know who you are and thanks bunches! :) I have changed/tweaked things since then though so Jazzy or anyone else should not be held responsible for any mistakes found. Those are all my own.

Hope you enjoy!

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